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Written by Melanie Toye, May 2012

“Our new strategy must showcase our city’s outstanding reputation for liveability and productivity. It must be able to be rolled out in a visible, tangible way that meets short, medium and long-term goals, and above all, unites our community,” Planning Minister Matthew Guy said.

Plans for managing growth, housing, transport, infrastructure, facilities and the environment are underway through the Victorian Government. Guy urged everyone to give their ideas so that Melbourne’s future can be informed by a diverse range of possibilities. He stated “We need to build on the best of past planning strategies and bring fresh thinking to our consideration of projected growth and change and how we address the challenges in front of us.”

Enzo Raimondo, Chief Executive Officer of The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, supports the plans to increase and expand the CBD. His comment, “The last decade has shown what can happen if housing supply is not a priority for local and state governments. In that time, the state’s population growth increased but the supply of new homes did not. The end result was unsustainable growth in property prices and rents.”

He went on further to suggest “Many people prefer to live close to the CBD, close to work and all the amenities that a big city can provide. Developing within existing suburbs provides that option and reduces the need for the community to pay for expensive new infrastructure such as heavy rail and roads.”

News of the proposed vision provides Victoria with great support in future economic, property and infrastructure growth. Watch this space for future news on Victoria’s development and growth.