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Written by Melanie Toye

Living in rural Victoria, a dream turned into a reality.

Living in rural Victoria may be a dream that you want to come true for you. Especially when you consider the notion of no city noise, neighbours living far away and the scenic peaceful nature that surrounds the area.

When arriving home you want to come home to a place of leisure and relaxation. The words "country", "warmth" and "fresh air" comfort you. The thought of growing fresh vegetables and fruits or visiting local farmers to purchase their produce excites you. Being surrounded by wild flowers and animals enlivens you. And the idea of sitting in your white steel chair eating warm raisin toast with butter and sipping a cup of tea overlooking the endless view of mountains, cattle and grasslands makes you realise you are home.

You soon discover the rural land of Victoria offers a peaceful and tranquil life. But you are not having any luck finding the perfect hideaway that you had pictured clearly in your mind. You decide purchasing rural land in Victoria and building your ideal home is an idea you would like to explore more.

As you meet with real estate agents and the locals, you find out much needed insights when hunting for rural land. These include:

  • To seek out land that is not close to agricultural land uses, sewerage treatment facilities, plants and animal industries. Noise, dust, smoke and smells can be an unpleasant experience when living close by.
  • Source information from the local Council you wish to purchase the land from, to see what land is not allowed to be built on.
  • Be on the lookout for land close to your ideal property that is for sale. You want to ensure that you do not end up with a property being built directly in front of your scenic views.
  • Understand the road rules relating to your local council and expect traffic delays.
  • Read and understand your land management responsibilities. Owning rural land means ensuring you follow certain rules. This can include the upkeep of plants and animals and reducing the amount of fire fuel around the home.
  • Find out the whereabouts of the water, gas and electricity services.

Rural Victoria is a great place to call home. Contact Melbourne Property Conveyancing for a smooth and efficient land transfer process anywhere in Victoria.